» 10th Annual French and Francophone Film Festival in San Diego

I have a complete list of all the movies that will be shown at this year’s film festival over on my study abroad blog. I’ve also added trailers for you to see.

The film festival is organized by the SDSU French department and the French Club. It is free for anyone so you don’t have to be an SDSU student to attend. Also all movies will have subtitles for those who don’t speak French or are still beginning to learn the language. It is such opportunity for those who enjoy French film since we don’t get too many French films here in San Diego.

I will of course be there so I hope to see some of you there.  :-)

I started a study abroad YouTube channel to complement my blog and this is my first video.

If you have any video requests please let me know.

Je me suis diplômée ! | Ya me gradúe! | I graduated!

» De San Diego à Paris: Life as a French and Francophone Studies Major

Idk if anyone out there is interested in reading about my experience as a French major but to those that are, here’s my latest blog post.

I had my first public speaking triumph ever! I went to the study abroad pre-departure orientation at my uni as a speaker this time. I spoke about my study abroad experience in Paris and gave some tips to the future generation of study abroad students.

I think I just love helping people so much that it didn’t matter that I was speaking in a lecture hall. I have no idea but for some reason I was very charismatic and bubbly today.

It was weird…

» De San Diego à Paris

I’ve changed my blog’s URL! In case you don’t know about my blog, De San Diego à Paris is a study abroad blog which I started in July 2011. I blogged the whole year I was in Paris as well as filmed videos. Now that I’m back home I will continue to blog about study abroad as well as share my last year of college with all of you. I have also added a contributor to the blog which will provide all of you with a guy’s point of view about studying abroad and living in Paris.

Hope you guys check my blog out! :)